After giving birth to my daughter Pia at the age of 32, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was October 2017, and Pia was 7 months old. Within 4 weeks of being diagnosed I had undergone a full course of fertility treatment and 2 breast surgeries. I started 23 weeks of intensive chemotherapy just before Christmas 2017, followed by 5 weeks of radiotherapy ending in July 2018. Before any of my treatment began I made the decision to take to social media and document my journey to try to raise awareness of the increasing occurrence of breast cancer in younger women. The Glow Glow was born in November 2018, exactly 1 year after my diagnosis.

Having been through the emotional and physical turmoil of the intense treatment I recognise the need for women to prioritise their health. Wellness has become an enormous priority for me and I've received thousands of messages of support from women across Ireland and the world who feel the same way.

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