I'm so proud to introduce The Good Glow Hydrate. One of my best healthy habits is to be well hydrated every single day. 


Drinking water has improved my skin, hair, concentration and my overall wellness. But, it's often hard to keep on top of our water intake and with that in mind I have created The Good Glow Hydrate bottle. 


I wanted to create a water bottle that not only helps track our daily intake of water but one that keeps us motivated to keep drinking too.


I hope you find them as helpful as I do and that together we can invest in ourselves. Because, we deserve it !



Water Bottle

SKU: 001
  • Bottle Info

    - Hand Wash Only

    - BPA Free 

    - Leak Proof

    - Fully Recyclable 


  • Size

    - Length 28cm (including the lid)

    - Diameter 8cm (at widest point) 

  • Weight

    - 183g

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