The Good Glow Hydrate

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I'm so proud to introduce The Good Glow Hydrate. I believe that before I got sick I wasn't drinking enough water and was not taking care of myself properly. Now, one of my best healthy habits is to be well hydrated every single day. 


Drinking water has improved my skin, hair, concentration levels and my overall wellness, but it's often hard to keep on top of our water intake. With that in mind I have created The Good Glow Hydrate. 


I wanted to create a water bottle that not only helps track our daily intake of water but one that keeps us motivated to keep drinking too.


I hope you find them as helpful as I do and that together we can invest in ourselves. Because, we deserve it.


Georgie xox


The Good Glow Guidance Cards

The Good Glow Guidance Cards will provide inspiration for your self love journey and will give you an opportunity to take a moment for yourself. Whether it’s strength, gratitude, presence or even a reminder to love yourself unconditionally, our 36 card deck will create precious mindful moments in this busy world. Shuffle the deck and see which card appears for you and let love and light flow through your soul. 

The Good Glow Guidance Cards are written by Georgie Crawford & hand illustrated by Jeri Mahon Sherlock

28cm (including the lid, 6cm)
Track your daily water intake


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