September Reset 2023

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*Join the September Reset at any time in September*

Following the success of last year’s September Reset, we have created a BRAND-NEW reset with brand-new content for September 2023. Introducing the September Reset 2.0…with all new ideas, thoughts and concepts.

Over 14 days, I will help you clear your path so you can focus on what you need to bring into your life, so you can become the most powerful version of you!

After a busy summer of projecting our energy and giving so much of ourselves away, is it time to turn your attention back to YOU? All you need is 10 minutes per day (that’s just 1% of your day!!) and I promise, this will transform your September…and the rest of your year.

Some feedback from last year..

  • ‘One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was to do this September Reset.’
  • ‘The two weeks forced me to make time for myself and make myself a priority. I really needed that.’
  • ‘Cannot praise this enough. I’ve loved every minute of taking time for myself every day.’
  • ‘I absolutely loved this reset. It really made me think and focus on my goals. It was also very, very good value.’
  • ‘Loved every second of the September reset, did it in the car every morning before work.’

The September Reset will:

  • Help you take stock and clear your path
  • Align your actions with your vision
  • Open the door to new possibilities
  • Set intentions and help you step into the most powerful version of yourself
  • Establish your focus and manifest the right way

More Details:

  • Listen to that day’s session at ANY TIME OF THE DAY. This course works around your life.
  • If you miss a day, that’s ok, your sessions will be there until October 13th, and you can listen as many times as you like.
  • Your new session will be available every morning with daily coaching, meditations and visualisations.
  • We will include a 14-day downloadable workbook/journal to help guide your reset and keep focus.

I can’t wait to be your personal health coach as we use the last 4 months of the year as we set ourselves up for the life we know we deserve.


14 reviews for September Reset 2023

  1. Anne Arthur (verified owner)

    Completing this September reset course has been life changing!!!!
    I learned so much about my self with lots of light bulb moments.
    I absolutely loved the daily song choice which reminded me that I loved to dance around to my favourite tunes. Georgie’s soothing voice calmed me every morning and loved the meditation’s. Great start to each day and will incude these new practices into my morning routine.
    Thank you Georgie loved every minute.

  2. Jenna Kelleher (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the September Reset.
    It’s giving me the gift of “me time”
    Thank you

  3. Shauna Corbett (verified owner)

    This review happened when I needed it in my life. I am currently at the biggest crossroads of my life that I have faced and learning the skills to put me at the forefront of my decisions has helped so much. While I don’t have all the answers, I have skills to help me and now I am off today to my favourite place to be my favourite self on my own which is something I did not think I would be able to do! Thank you x

  4. Ciara.Moran (verified owner)

    I really really enjoyed the course. Loved having 10 mins every day to *have* to focus on me and practice some self care. The music was such a lovely way to start the morning – going to put them all into a playlist that I can play to pep me up. Only thing I would change is I would love *more*, maybe some additional reading or something? Loved it, thank you GG team!

  5. Kelly Felton (verified owner)

    I was a bit dubious whether I’d stick to this or it would be another thing I would somehow find time ‘not’ to do but the length of the daily practice and the many aha moments made it my precious ritual for 14 day and I absolutely loved it!

  6. Catherine.Burke (verified owner)

    Super course Georgie, thanks so much and I’m 61!!
    Kind of did it with my 27 year old only child daughter in mind who is currently navigating the good life in Dublin with lots of friends, a job she enjoys and evening activities that make her buzz and yet she still talks about being crippled with the oh so common one now – anxiety. Of course the parental guilt steps in here and you feel somewhat at fault. Anyhow I’m a fan of the Good Glow and am amazed at the guests you are able to nail down! So knowing you are not long out of your 20’s and have gleaned a lot of wisdom from the experiences life threw at you back then ( I did the cancer journey when said daughter was 7, had been working full time and then to my delight actually, a year off and in truth the whole experience was positive, lost the hair, wore the wig etc but boy did the world show up for me!!) I felt that tapping into your way of facing the world might arm me up for steering her in the right direction. Loved the shortness of the sessions, loved that I filled the diary because now I have it there to check up on myself with . You’re super at what you do and I always get a genuine vibe from you. So keep on going but remember to mind yourself along the way and wishing you every blessing for the exciting few weeks ahead as you welcome a new sibling for Pia! C

  7. Sinead Kennedy (verified owner)

    Brilliant reset , thanks so much.
    It’s really helped me to reset. I had to do 10 days of it all in one day at the end but feel like I’ve been on the best retreat ♥️
    Can we do a January reset?
    Wishing you all the best wishes in your new adventure, how wonderful life can be x

  8. Michelle Phelan (verified owner)

    Hi Georgie
    Thank you so so much for the last two weeks. I have become a different person in a very positive way. The reset has made me realise how strong I am and that I am able to become who I want to be, wheras before I was crippled in self doubht. The fact that your course has made this happen is HUGE. I have loved every moment and the songs were such a great addition. You are an inspiration and deserve all the success in the future. Thanks again for everything and best of luck with your exciting times ahead✨✨
    PS. Your book is also AMAZING
    Michelle ⭐️

  9. Nuala Gillick (verified owner)

    Little did I know when I bought Georgie’s book, “Glow”, that I was starting an important journey! After reading the book, I started listening to the “Good Glow” podcast, and find it so inspiring. The September Reset was the icing on the cake, and came at a time when I really did need to take stock of my life and make some adjustments. I feel I am now equipped with the tools to continue on my personal journey and am looking forward a healthier, happier future! Thank you so much,Georgie! I wish you health and happiness. X

  10. Orla McDonald (verified owner)

    An amazing September Reset! Thank you Georgie! It was just what I needed. I completed it daily, which is unlike me to commit, but the fact it was 10 minutes a day meant it was realistic for me to complete. Any chance of a January Reset? You’re a special person Georgie! Thank you

  11. Marie Mollaghan (verified owner)

    Such a fabulous 14 days . Really enjoyed it and got a huge amount from it. Thanks so much. Marie

  12. Serena Murphy (verified owner)

    I’ve been really struggling with anxiety and the reset has really focused my thoughts and deal with the root of my anxiety. Im waking up each morning feeling calm. Thanks so much Georgie!

  13. Michelle Morrin (verified owner)

    As a teacher, September, while a fresh start, is incredibly draining. Normally by the end of the month, you’re completely worn out and are on your knees, crawling towards the weekend. However, this is the first year of my teaching career where I do not feel like that. I finished the reset on 21st Sept, and I have as much energy now as I did at the beginning of the month. I think that while the reset encourages you to sit and make time for yourself for 10 mins a day, the ripple effect from that is immeasurable. I have found myself thinking in a whole new way. I make time for myself now. I don’t take part in anything that does not serve me. I have shed the guilt for not doing everything perfectly, for skipping a workout or having a lazy evening. I now understand and appreciate what my body and mind need, and how best I can serve those needs. It has honestly been a gamechanger …. I only wish it was 1 week longer! I have definitely built up very postive habits in these 2 weeks, which I will continue to incorporate into my life. I will absolutely partake in the September reset (or any similar courses!) again.

  14. Debbie.Harrington (verified owner)

    I loved the September reset! I did it last year and again in January and found it really beneficial. I was delighted to learn it would still be available through mid October and I was on holiday in Sept so started it later than most! The September Reset helped me in so many ways!
    – I got clear on my intentions
    – I let go of physical items that I have been holding onto over the last number of years that no longer reflect who I am today. This was a big one for me!
    – I acknowledged who I am today – career wise
    – I determined what it is that I would like to study in order to keep learning and growing
    – I noted how letting go of assumptions changes my energy for the better
    – I clarified my favourite things and how bringing these into my day sets me up for success
    – I remembered how the ritual of journaling fills me with gratitude, (using my Good Glow Journal of course) there is so much to be grateful for!

    Thanks Georgie and everyone at Team Good Glow!

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