September Reset

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September is the perfect time to reset and restore, and you don’t have to do it alone!

Join our 14-day challenge with ME Georgie Crawford and the whole Good Glow Community.

Say goodbye to summer and hello to a brand new you.

Prepare to connect with yourself on a deeper level, to rediscover your focus, tap into your intuition and restore your energy!

As a qualified Health Coach, I am so excited to share my teachings and self-care practices with you each day.

My September Reset will:
– Remind you that you have a choice to be happy, every day
– Set intentions for your time and future
– Change your mindset
– Grow your awareness
– Define your values
– Eliminate limiting beliefs
– Establish your focus

More Details
– All you will need is to set aside 10 – 15 minutes per day for 14 days.
– There will be new content every day with daily coaching, meditations and visualisations.
– We will include a 14-day downloadable journal to help guide your reset and keep focus.
– Audio Playback available till 10/10/2022.

I can’t wait to be your personal health coach for this journey as we reset and restore ourselves for a busy few months ahead.

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35 reviews for September Reset

  1. Marie Murray (verified owner)

    If there was 10 Stars I would give it!! The 14 Day September Reset was nothing but AMAZING! I just loved how each day brought something different! I absolutely loved it and feel I have gotten so so much from it! I could honestly listen to Georgie all day long! I love her podcasts so much so I knew this September Reset was gonna be amazing, and it was!! I would recommend it to everyone, it doesn’t take long if you set aside them 10 minutes in the morning.. it’s so worth it and a great start to any day!

  2. Veronika Heip (verified owner)

    Nice one! Will do it again to get more confidence and manifest it even better. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Karolina Fletcher (verified owner)

    The September reset has done so much for me. I feel so ready to put myself first. I’ve always had doubts about who I really am. I’ve always thought I was the same person now that I was 10 years ago, but taking a step back has helped me to understand that I’ve changed so much. I am kind, loving and thoughtful. I enjoy nature and I love to be challenged. I am no longer a 20 year old woman that put herself first….but in all the wrong ways. This realisation made me take the next step to develop my skills and believe in myself. Thank you Georgie for sharing your wisdom and love with us! Xxx

  4. Tamara Lambert (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed my commute the last two weeks as I dedicated that time to listen and I got so much out of the course. Really interesting. Pretty sure the meditating on the bus deep breathing has all of my fellow commuters scared of me now

  5. Teresa Purdy (verified owner)

    Thank you Georgie for the September Reset. I’ve only recently started listening to the Good Glow podcast and enjoy it so much I thought I’d give the September Reset a go. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, or what I’d take from it, but honestly it has really touched me! Day 3, ‘What stories are you telling yourself?’ was just incredible! Over the 14 days you shared so much guidance and food for thought that I was wondering, would it be possible to access your daily recordings as I’d love to tap into this content again? Sincere thanks xx

  6. Nadine Hendrie (verified owner)

    It’s been a timely reset for me , thank you . I think it was pitched perfectly and the time investment was minimal but powerful .
    I will take away some of the tools into next week . The intention I set myself was being in charge of my mornings and stopping negative self talk . I feel I have made huge progress and I notice I interrupt myself if I start to speak negatively over my capabilities . I hope you have other courses in the pipeline !!
    A friend joined me on the reset and it’s been lovely to have an accountability partner and we have got to know each other better during this process thank you Georgie xx

  7. Elaine Caffrey (verified owner)

    This course came at a time when I really needed it. I needed guidance on self- love ans self-care and for someone else to break it down so easily was much appreciated. I’ve learnt skills I hope to carry forward into the next weeks, months and hopefully years. Thank you Georgie!

  8. Nikki Barrie (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Georgie. I really enjoyed the journey your brought us all on & I genuinely feel I’m in a better place now & believe in myself. A huge thank you

  9. Deirdre Lawler (verified owner)

    The two weeks forced me to make time for myself and make myself a priority. I really needed that. Thank you.

  10. Breda O Toole (verified owner)

    One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was to do this September Reset. I will miss it and that’s for sure. Such a beautiful, uplifting start to each day and wonderful tips and guidance as to how best to approach each day too. I loved it and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Georgie I cannot thank you enough for all the time, love, and effort you put into bringing this to us and it was all so professionally done; an absolute joy. Heartiest congratulations. Please keep up the great work you are doing. You are such a gift to the world, and the world needs you. A heartfelt thank you. Every good wish and blessing, Breda

  11. Lynsey Alexander (verified owner)

    Cannot praise this enough. I wish that it was longer than 14 days! I’ve loved every minute of taking time for myself everyday and Georgie is such a beautiful person who I have loved listening to each day and her podcasts are also amazing. Thankyou so much Georgie for the last 14 days, I hope there is something like this again soon!

  12. Helen (verified owner)

    Thanks so much Georgie loved the reset. Was so lovely each day having those 10 mins of complete me time to look forward to, was like getting a treat everyday n no matter how crazy a day I knew I had that to look forward to. Lovely uplifting simple content which all makes such complete sense but we so need to hear it to realise how much we miss out on ect because we’re not thinking the right way ect. I will definitely miss it tomorrow which is such a compliment to you !

  13. Emma (verified owner)

    The September reset was exactly what I needed returning to school. It’s given me a few minutes everyday at some stage to pause and have some time for myself. I’ve loved it and would love to have it for the next 2 weeks too. I’m going continue to do a little meditation for myself everyday.

  14. Elisa Daly (verified owner)

    Combined doing Georgie’s reset as part of my new Miracle Morning! As a busy Mum I really looked forward to taking this daily time for myself, listening each morning and completing the daily tasks. Will def sign up again, has set me up nicely for carving out time going forward to meditate and journal independently on a daily basis – thanks Georgie X

  15. Bridget Farrell (verified owner)

    Amazing 14 days, I loved every second and wish it didn’t have to end! Thank you Georgie

  16. Linda Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    I found the September reset course very good. Georgie’s voice alone has such calming and healing effects. It wasn’t too long each day, easy to follow and really helped me to clear my mind, setting me up for the day with some much needed focus, confidence and gratitude. Meditation is relatively new to me and am glad i allowed myself those moments over the last 14 days, something i will try to continue doing for myself. xx

  17. Arlene Cooley (verified owner)

    Loved the September reset so much , Georgie has a amazing calming voice I could listen to forever and as for the meditations … so relaxing !
    I feel empowered to move forward and stop playing small . Thank you Georgie

  18. Mary Timoney (verified owner)

    Loved these two weeks and will miss our daily sessions. Georgie, has a lovely soothing voice and I particularly loved the meditation segments. Lots of great tips on ways to live your best life. Highly recommend

  19. Amanda Sinclair (verified owner)

    Thank you Georgie for creating the September rest I absolutely loved it. Really made me sit and think and put into action what you discussed each day. I have always been a anxious and self doubtful person and would never be confident enough to chase my dreams and listen to my inner self but listening to you has really helped change my mind set. I started a new course this year to change to the career I’ve always wanted and at the course the weekend we were talking about our plans for the future and when talking about my plans to set up a business the rest of the girls commented on how confident I have become. That was such a huge compliment for me and has really pushed me to move forward with my plans for the future. Thank you so much. I love the podcasts too xx

  20. Victoria Kelly (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this reset. It really made me think and focus on my goals. It was also very very good value. I would love to do something similiar again. Thank you so much Georgie xxx

  21. Ciara Holmes (verified owner)

    Such a lovely treat to myself Georgie! Thank you for a creating such a beautiful programme. Sending you love and support. Ciara.

  22. Carly McGrath (verified owner)

    Such a lovely way to re-set! First time I ever sat and meditated 🙂 Thank you Georgie & The Good Glow Team!

  23. Elizabeth Anastasio (verified owner)

    The September Reset was a five star moment for me everyday. I completed them most days before I went to work and I felt more prepared to take on the day. It was nice to have structured time to focus on me and think about my wants and desires. Each day built nicely off the other and created a cohesive reset program. Thank you to everyone who was a part of creating the reset — I really enjoyed it and I am excited to hold myself accountable for what I wrote and what I want to accomplish.

  24. Dinara Stears (verified owner)

    I loved making time to listen in each day, and will surely miss it! Please consider doing a 365 day version 🙂

  25. Claire O’Connor (verified owner)

    Loved every second of the September reset, did it in the car every morning before work so no excuses to make the time for myself! I loved it it was a lovely little ritual to start my day off right! Thank you Georgie ❤️

  26. Anne Kelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the he September reset Thankyou so much Georgie what an amazing way to start your day honestly I could listen to you all day I really loved the meditations I’ve gone back and done them a few times now you are a natural at guided meditations your voice is so soothing Thankyou so much I knew it was going to be Amazing as I’ve listened to everyone of your podcasts I would love to do this again and again and again Loved It and just did a happy dance realising I can access the material until the 10th Oct I will be doing your meditations every day ❤️

  27. Rhonda Doyle (verified owner)

    I loved it so much I am going back to listen again. It was like a big hug and support in September and so many ideas to take forward with me. Thank you!

  28. Rebecca Browne (verified owner)

    Enjoyed it so much, will remember to look after myself and give myself the love I deserve.
    Thank You
    Love an light x

  29. Izabela Marszalowska (verified owner)

    I loved the bite size sessions, it was just perfect. I would leave the workbook on my desk as a reminder to complete the session first thing in the morning and it would stay there for the day to remind me to put the learnings into practice. Looking forward to more from Georgie and the Good Glow team!

  30. Siobhan Lynch (verified owner)

    Just completed the course…I little behind the end of September!! Really enjoyed these daily check ins. It has refocused putting my needs of self care and compassion back into my daily routine in this hectic world we live in. Thanks so much for all of it x

  31. Denise Dalton (verified owner)

    Really needed this, although it took me awhile to finish it. Loved how some days it was the only time i got to myself. Need to work more on my self care. Thank you for being you and sharing your amazing journey, your an inspiration.

  32. Debbie Harrington

    I just completed the September Reset today Oct 09th as I was on vacation when the course launched. I absolutely loved this program! The course content was varied and really interesting, The duration of each module was approx 10 mins which was ideal for morning or evening! I would highly recommend The September Reset to others – it’s a lovely time of year to carve out time to slow down, go within, to make plans for the future whilst being grateful for the abundance we already have! There were so many Aha & 5 Star moments during this course! For me some of the key takeaways that I have put into practice are around decision making:
    1. How do I want to show up today?
    2. Will this make the Boat go Faster?
    3. The 5 Second Rule – 5,4,3,2,1 – GO!
    Thanks so much Georgie and The Good Glow team for yet another fabulous course! Loved all the meditations too! I look forward to the next course for sure! Congratulations Georgie, Jamie and all The Good Glow Team – you rock!!

  33. Róisín Ní Nualláin (verified owner)

    You are so inspiring Georgie! Have adored the last 14 days, something to look forward to every day and got a lot out of each. Could also listen to your voice forever So soothing. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Thank you

  34. Rachael Dooley (verified owner)

    This course was just what I needed. I’m taking so much away from it. Being present more, being grateful for little 5 star moments, listening and trusting myself more. Thank you so much!!!

  35. Emma conneely (verified owner)

    I’ve loved this reset and kept me balanced on days when needed it. The 10min a day was perfect to fit into my day and will miss not having it to listen to. I’d highly recommend to people to try it. Thanks a million

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