Back To School, Back To You Bundle


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I love nothing more than pressing refresh in September. It’s been quite the year for us all and from listening to The Good Glow community, I know lots of us are looking forward to routine and getting back to some self-care this month. Our Back To School bundle is made up of a Good Glow Wellness Programme and a set of Guidance Cards For Kids.

Our online course is a guide to better holistic health, giving you the tools to lead a happy, healthy and more fulfilled life. We’ve teamed up with the top experts in Psychology, Nutrition and Nature Therapy to take us on this journey. You can complete our 5 modules at your own pace. We would suggest picking one night a week to do the course, so you can enjoy our video lectures, meditations, visualisations and so much more.

Our Guidance Cards For Kids will encourage self-love, kindness and joy. Your child could pick a card before school each morning, or before they go to bed. Our 30 card deck is designed to boost their self-worth and remind them that they are wonderful.

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