The Glow Bundle


We have combined two of our best selling products, The Good Glow Journal & The Good Glow Goddess Cards with a signed copy of Georgie’s Number 1 bestselling book Glow.

The Good Glow Journal will help you connect to your inner world every day, so you can create a happier and healthier life. Our journal will encourage you to give yourself 1% more each day, diary your 5-star moments so you never forget them, and help set an intention at the beginning of each week. Our simple prompts will help you to invest in yourself, become more present and encourage mindfulness.

The Good Glow Goddess Cards are our most recent card deck. These affirmation cards will remind you of the limitless being that you are, and encourage you to step into your power. Each of the cards in this 32 card deck will guide and empower you, and help you to connect with your inner feminine wisdom.

In her first book, Georgie tells her story and shows us how, by connecting to and listening to our inner voices, we can begin to live happier, calmer and more fulfilled lives. Taking the reader through the daily habits, weekly rituals and practices that have changed her life, along with the new mindsets she has adopted, in Glow, Georgie provides a roadmap to knowing yourself better, thereby embracing the life you truly want to lead.