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The Journey To The Good Glow Wellness Programme

By June 25, 2021July 7th, 2021No Comments

For most of my adult life, I felt stuck. Looking back at those 12 years before I got sick, I was in the same job, afraid to step out of my comfort zone and I only realise now that I was really struggling with it all.

I was constantly stressed, I couldn’t think straight, and although I felt like I was trying every single day, I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.

3 days before I found my lump

I became pregnant in 2016, and I was so excited. When my little girl came along, life felt complete.

I was beyond devastated to be diagnosed with cancer 7 months later. Jamie and I were so happy. We had amazing support and help from our families, and life just felt perfect. It felt like cruel timing.


But from that first week I was told I had cancer, everything began to change. My first step was to change my habits. That was the only thing I felt could control in those early days. I started to hydrate properly and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Cancer gave me time. Something I never had before. For the first time in my life I stopped, and all of a sudden I had time to think. I desperately wanted to be here for Pia and I started to really value my life. I’d look in the mirror and instead of seeing everything I didn’t like, I appreciated my body and all it did for me. I started to really love myself.


In my recovery from chemotherapy, I began to lean towards joy. I read Gabby Bernstein’s book The Universe Has Your Back, I felt like I was getting to know myself all over again. Time was giving me an opportunity to reevaluate everything. Nature, movement and being present was bringing more joy to my life than I ever imagined. I woke up every day and choose joy. Of course, there were bad days, days when I didn’t feel positive at all. But I knew what I could do to make myself feel better and that was going outside, exercise and spending time with people I loved.

My healthy habits, working on my self-worth and nourishing my body every day started to pay off. I began to matter to me for the first time, I noticed that I felt better, I looked better and people began to tell me I was glowing. And I believed that because I felt like I was glowing from the inside out.

I was amazed at how reading books, educating myself, taking some time to re-evaluate had started to radically change every part of my life. I was proud of this new me, and I was excited about my future. In the past, I felt there were times when I was excited about the future. For example, when I was getting married or when I was having Pia, but this was the first time in my life that I was excited about what I had to offer to the world. I felt well, I had energy to exercise and meditate and for the first time in a very long time I could think straight.

A healthier, happier me


I’ve learned so much along the way and one of the greatest learnings is that we all have the ability to change and with a little work we can become the best version of ourselves.

The changes I made were very gradual but overall made a huge difference. I wanted other people to see this and that is what led me to creating our wellness programme.

I wanted to work with absolute experts in their field who could help people make positive changes. One of the most powerful things I have ever heard is ‘we have a right to change our mind’. I wanted our online course to be full of information that could help people think differently about how they live and explain how small, gradual lifestyle changes can make a huge difference.

It’s based around the things that transformed my life over the past 3 years. They are Habits, Joy, Self Worth, Nourishment and Nature. In the course, we speak about so many important topics. For example, do you know what your core values are? Do you know your life purpose? Finding out the answer to these questions can put you on a new path, your authentic path.

We learn about mindset, how we can cultivate joy, what low self-worth looks like and how we can address it, how to create healthy habits, the healing powers of nature and how we can reject the diet mentality. It’s packed full of talks, Q&A’s, visualisations, meditations, additional learnings, quizzes and more.

Our experts are leaders in their field in Psychology, Nutrition and Nature Therapy, and I was so happy to work with women who understand the importance of self-care but who also understood that there will be challenges along the way.

Georgie x

The Good Glow Wellness Programme is on sale now. Down from €85 to €69 euro for a limited time.