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August 11, 2021

Wellness Programme FAQs

FAQ about The Good Glow Wellness Programme When can I start The Good Glow Wellness Programme? The Good Glow Wellness Programme is an online wellness course and is available now.…
July 9, 2021

My Latest Ah-Ha Moment

In 2019, I packed up my desk and waved goodbye to my friends in Communicorp. I was taking 7 weeks parental leave, but I had a feeling it would become…
June 25, 2021

The Journey To The Good Glow Wellness Programme

For most of my adult life, I felt stuck. Looking back at those 12 years before I got sick, I was in the same job, afraid to step out of…
June 22, 2021

Self-Care Is Good For The Soul

When I’m busy, often the first thing to go is my self-care. I think that is the case for so many of us as we try to navigate this crazy…